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With this cost-friendly beginners package, you would receive an overview of how your customers use your website, learning why they leave your website and recommending creative ways to enable them take actions that would increase your website’s conversions.

Static Websites

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    Workflow & Milestones

    Understanding your website’s users

    Our first approach would be to understand your website’s user behaviours. We would visit and compare websites that are similar to yours as this would give us the first overview on things to look out for when drafting our audit.

    The Audit

    The audit would be careful, performed providing detailed analysis of your website. We will evaluate everything that influences users’ impression and experience of browsing your webpage. Particularly, we would analyse the site’s design (i.e., formatting and layout), branding (including colours and typography), usability, content, and media usage. Additionally, we’ll check if your website is mobile-friendly, SEO compliant as well as some easy-to-understand technical information.

    Producing Report with Recommendations

    With all the data we now have, we would begin compiling your report. You will see all the details of what we have analysed, and the criteria according to which the analysis is performed. Furthermore, we will provide you with specific recommendations for improving your website’s design. We’ll send your full report to your email and you will be able to improve your web design. If you like the service we provided, you may feel free to hire us for a further website redesign service.